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Refresh your eyes and mind with hundreds of puzzles in this exciting game of symbols! Symbology is a game of minimalistic abstractions and their combinations that will challenge your visual and critical thinking skills. Decode dozens of categories of cultural, classic, and contemporary emblems as you sharpen your visual wit. Though many puzzles are not overtly complex, it is important to keep an open mind!With serenely striking imagery, content, and mechanics, Symbology is as thought provoking as it is revitalizing. Cleanse your visual and mental palate as you analyze multiple images at once in order or extract a single word or phrase. Turn up your volume to unwind even more as you translate through clean and stimulating icon combinations!
400+ QUESTIONS: Enjoy hours upon hours of content! The further you go, the harder it gets. How far will you go?
SEND & RECEIVE FREE COINS: Get the whole gang involved! More friends and family = more free coins
LEADERBOARDS:Challenge your friends and family in the big leagues! Look at who is playing and compare rankings as you make your way to the top
DAILY REWARDS: Get free coins simply by opening the app! Earn even higher daily rewards for each consecutive day that you log in
ASK FRIENDS FOR HELP:Instantaneously ask friends for help on Facebook Messenger!